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The simplest digital pre-ordering system for people on the move. piq cuts queues, makes social distancing easy and supports your favourite shops.

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How it works?

Use the piq app to order your favourite product, in a shop of your choice. Pre-pay online and then choose a convenient pick up time that works for you!

You got it – no waiting required!

As the queue continues to grow, you’re already enjoying your order and back on the move.

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Pay your order digitally with a payment method of your choice

An overview of the app

piq App Preview
The piq App combines all your favorite shops and products in one place. Find always the best offer nearby.
Don’t lose time in hotspots. It’s your decision, when ever you’re going to pick up your order.
piq App Preview
piq App Preview
Everything to your taste – set your preferences and we show you only what you really love.
Pay digital with the payment method of your choice without any additional fees.

You're a few taps away from never having to wait in line again

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