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In November and December we won’t charge our shops any commission.

Serve more customers and increase your sales while piq handles your orders, payments and invoices. Your Customers simply pick up the products they have already paid for in your shop.

piq App Preview

In the piq app, your customers see your offer and order their favorite products. Payment is made directly via the app.

On your piq terminal the orders are received in real time and can be processed directly. You can use any tablet, computer and even smartphone as a terminal.

Printer integration:
Orders are printed automatically on supported printers for your order rail

Start selling products with piq

Is the order prepared and packed? Great! The customer receives a notification and picks up his order by pickup code.

Increased hygiene:
No cash and no waiting in lines

Lean back.
We'll take care of everything.

Demo in your shop

Sure, when does it suit you?

Digitize the menu

Consider it done.

Professional product photos

Batteries charged, lightbox packed. Coming.

Team training

We train your team in no time.

Your shop becomes digital

piq Marketplace

Upload your products to your new digital menu. You have multiple or seasonal menus? No problem, you can manage several at the same time and switch between them. If you need assistance, we’ll help you anytime.

We are convinced that your products are delicious and therefore they deserve to be displayed accordingly. Describe them as if you were about to sell them to a customer. And because pictures are more powerful than words, you can upload a photo for each product. You don’t have any yet? Then we would be happy to arrange a photo session with your products. Of course you can use the photos everywhere.

Now you have created a wonderful menu. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it directly on Facebook or even as your website? That’s right! And you can.

As a free service we create a website from your menu, which you can use for free. And the pleasant: All changes in your menu are automatically applied to your website.

You only have to maintain your menu in one place. A dream comes true, right?

Your shop fits perfectly into the the piq landscape

Dein Shop in der piq Landschaft

You can’t decide or need help? We are happy to assist.

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How your business works with piq

To start operating you will sign up in the terminal. You can use either a tablet, a smartphone, a browser on any computer or rent a tablet from piq.
piq Terminal Preview

All orders at glance

See your orders in realtime and optimized for you

Product inventory

Set your product inventory with just one click

piq Terminal Preview
piq Terminal Preview

Intuitive operation

The intuitive interface allows you to start immediately – no manual required

Features you can rely on

piq Markplace Preview

piq Marketplace

Extensive. Simple.

Manage your brand

Multiple menus

Product Modifications

Maintain inventory

Complaint Management

Sales statistics

Manage advertising campaigns

Set opening hours

Control Pay-outs

Aggregated bills

Tax rates

Manage employees

piq Terminal

Intuitive. Simple.

Accept orders

View order details

Update inventory

Stop online acceptance

Multiple terminals per shop

View and adjust pick-up time

piq Terminal Preview

Bye-bye cash! 👋

Deine Kunden bezahlen digital bei piq

Your customers pay their orders cashlessly directly in the app.

Whether by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Now, you support them all.

The best? There are no transaction fees for you.<

All your advantages to the point

You can’t decide or need help? We are happy to assist.

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